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Advice to Authors

Key documents for downloading

There are a number of different submission formats, please ensure that you use the correct format for your submission.

The most important distinction to make is between BLIND PEER REVIEWED (Refereed papers) and REVIEWED FOR SUITABILITY (Non-refereed papers).
All submissions to WCCE2013 will be reviewed by at least two reviewers; the difference is to do with the criteria applied to those reviews.

All submissions will use the WCCE2013 template and the styles prescribed within that document. Failure to comply with the template and the use of styles may result in non-acceptance.

How to submit
All submissions must be in the format indicated in Document format requirements below. Submissions must include the details described in What to submit.

All submissions are made on the website

The name of the Word file containing the proposal should include the first authors name and then the proposal type, e.g. Smith – Short paper.
To submit a proposal, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the website .
  2. Click on the register button on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter your preferred Login-name, a password (twice) and your e-mail address, then click the Confirm data button.
  4. You will shortly receive an e-mail containing an activation code and a link. You can either use the activation code or the link to finish setting up your personal area. (You do not need both.)
  5. Log on to the website using your Login-name and password.
  6. Go to presentation and then submit new presentation to submit the Word file containing the details of your proposal.

What to submit
All submissions will use APA reference style throughout your paper and the reference section. Please refer to the Sixth Edition of the APA Publication Manual or the links below for full details and extensive examples

FP-R: research full paper (blind peer reviewed) [Referred to in proceedings as 'refereed' papers] 3000-4000 words, presentation: 30 min (25 minutes plus 5 minutes questions).
These papers are for the purpose of presenting theory and/or academic research. They should contain a structure that includes an introduction, literature, method, presentation of research, and conclusion.
Papers will be submitted without author identification.

When submitting papers for FP-R do not include any author identification in the submission (including references and author details), this information is included only on the submission form.

These papers will be submitted with a separate title page [WCCE2013 Title page –BLIND]
It is essential that authors submitting to this category CHECK THE BOX ‘BLIND PEER REVIEW’ when submitting their paper.

Read the information on Presentation Formats on the WCCE2013 site and on this site.
Choose the appropriate submission type for your paper.
Download the template.
Complete the online information and submit your presentation.

Please read carefully the requirements for a symposium. Individual papers within a symposium can take the form of a variety of presentation formats.

Document format requirements
File format
All submissions must be in Microsoft Word files. Acrobat (PDF) format documents are NOT acceptable.

The Word document MUST be based on the template file [WCCE2013 template.docx].
Do NOT change any of the style definitions in this template file or create new styles. You must use the pre-defined styles to format your paper.

Paper format and style usage is illustrated in the guide that is also available on the conference website.

The name of the Word file containing the proposal should include the first authors name and then the proposal type, e.g. Smith – Short paper.

Please do NOT include footnotes in your paper; they will be removed! If you do need to include notes please use a numbered superscript as a marker eg1 and then include the notes in a "Notes" section just before the references. The "WCCE2013 example documents" illustrate this [WCCE2013 Example document format - WITH AUTHOR.docx and WCCE2013 Example document format –BLIND.docx]

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