Dobromiła Jaskot

Dobromila Jaskot was born in 1981 in Torun, Poland. In 2005 she graduated with distinction from the Academy of Music in Poznan in the composition class of prof. Lidia Zielinska, and in 2007 she completed postgraduate studies in Special, Computer, Film and Theater Composition at the Academy of Music in Wroclaw. In 2009 year she started postgraduate studies in Film and Computer Music and Audiovisual Creativity. At present she is a teacher at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Poland, as a doctor of art. Her creative interests are centered around multimedia arts, with particular focus on their interactive aspects. She is also engaged in organization of interdisciplinary conferences, festivals and concerts of contemporary music, particularly - electro-acoustic and multimedia.

To commemorate the jubilee conferences on computers in education in 2013 Dobromiła has composed a special piece of music for the opening ceremony: Eizzcok – an electro-acoustic composition. She declares: As a composer and lecturer in electro-acoustic music as well, I decided to present possibilities of the computer in contemporary music creativity, relying solely on the material made up of piano sounds. The title doesn’t contain any specific meaning, it is only a phonetic reflection of the atmosphere of the piece, which remains as an unidentified sounding object.
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