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WCCE 2013 will organize a Doctoral Consortium (DC) on July 4th, a half of day with many senior researchers and consultants in ICT and education.
The aims of the DC

  • To offer a friendly forum for doctoral students to discuss their research topics, research questions and design in the field of computing education / educational technology – informatics and education.
  • To receive constructive feedback from their peers and senior researchers, to help with choosing suitable methodology and strategies for research.
  • To support networking with other researchers in the computer science / computing / informatics engineering education research field.
  • To discuss any relevant questions related to research and academic life.

The DC is designed primarily for students who are currently enrolled in any stage of doctoral studies with a focus on informatics / informatics engineering / computing education research. Students, who are considering doctoral studies but not have yet a formal doctoral student researcher status, may participate as well.
Senior researchers in the field will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement of the research proposals.
Each participant should prepare a poster (PO) and present it during the DC. An abstract (300-400 words) should be submitted till February 28 (see the sections Presentation formats and Submissions in Call for Contributions).
The following elements must be addressed in the abstract:

  • A clear formulation of the research question(s).
  • An identification of the significant problems in the field of research.
  • An outline of the current knowledge of the problem domain, as well as the state of existing solutions.
  • A presentation of any preliminary ideas, the proposed approach and achieved results.
  • A sketch of the applied research methodology (data collection and analysing methods).
  • Questions related to the research that the applicant would like to discuss and get feedback on in the doctoral consortium.
  • A brief background of the applicant including motivation, any relevant background, and main literature (3-5 items) to contextualize the research

Special fee
Participation in the DC is free for the participants of the WCCE 2013 conference. Doctoral students, as participants of WCCE 2013, pay the reduced fee 150 Euro (400 zł. for students from Poland). Students who intend to participate in the DC only, pay a fee of 50 Euro (150 zł. for students from Poland) covering also lunch and coffee breaks.

Take a look to the international DC held in Lithuania last year.

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